Your spiritual powers allow you to see what others cannot...

          Play as a medium named Ilana Edwards in this ethereal mystery and solve your sister's murder on behalf of her lingering shadow. With time running out before her wandering spirit becomes lost in purgatory forever, converse with your newly acquainted in-law's family to gather leads in tense dialogues, explore their picturesque estate, and use your crystal ball to peer into the realm of shadows and discover clues with spiritual connections. Can you determine the killer's identity and save your sister's restless soul?

  • Experience Paranormal Noir - This fresh genre combination melds the classic grayscale visual style, jazz music, and cynical themes of noir with paranormal features of the occult like Ilana's crystal ball and spirit-like shadows for a deepened mysterious and spooky feel.

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  • Peer into the Shadow Realm - As a clairvoyant medium, focus on your crystal ball to alternate your vision between the Physical Realm and the darker Shadow Realm. In the Shadow Realm, search for hidden clues highlighted by lingering spiritual energy.

Shadow Vision.png
  • Listen to the Whispers of the Shadows - You have the extraordinary ability to perceive aspects of people's souls in the form of their shadows. The appearances and voices of these mysterious spirits represent their hosts' deepest negative thoughts and emotions, and can divulge the truth about their hidden desires and motivations.

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